Our workshop services are still available for clients seeking remote training while adhering to COVID-19 distancing measures.
February 2022: Our training program is being updated! Contact us to find out more.


Industry leading training on trans and gender diverse and LGBTIQA+ inclusion and service provision. Our experienced trainers can equip your organisation, business, or service with the skills to better support the needs of trans and gender diverse and LGBTIQA+ people.

TGV now offers interactive video training sessions that can be accessed by members of your team working either remotely or onsite.

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Workshops & Services

LGBTIQA+ Family and Intimate Partner Violence
4.5 Hours
Up to 25
This program begins with a modified 2 hour version, of the LGBTIQA+ training, which introduces concepts of gender, relationships, sex and sexuality diversity; followed by a 2.5 hour section on LGBTIQA+ family and intimate partner violence.
Aged Care Training
3 Hours
Up to 25
LGBTI-inclusive ageing and aged care training for all people involved in the aged care sector. This training promotes a better understanding of the needs of older LGBTI+ people. It provides staff with the confidence to deliver an inclusive, best practice service.
3 Hours
Up to 25
The first half of this training provides an overview of LGBTIQA+ communities, issues and concerns and the second half delves into more detail about trans and gender diverse communities. We provide recommendations and tips for working with LGBTIQA+ and TGD clients, customers and staff.
3 Hours
An introduction to LGBTIQA+ inclusive practices. This covers differences between sexual orientation, gender identity and people with intersex variations, identifying discrimination and stigma which LGBTIQA+ people can experience, and provides recommendationsfor working with LGBTIQA+ in your business or organisation.
Trans and Gender Diverse 101
2 Hour
An introduction to gender diversity, differentiates orientation, intersex status, gender identity and expression. Also highlighted are key areas of disadvantage for trans and gender diverse people and related mental health impacts. Legislative obligations, tips and suggestions on working with trans and gender diverse people are included.

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Training Team

Kathryn Wilson
Training Coordinator

Kathryn is bisexual, queer and non-binary. She has training in psychological research, and worked in counselling for a number of years. During 2011-2014, they served on the committee of Bisexual Alliance Victoria and ran education sessions on bisexuality. She rejoined the Bi-Alliance committee in August 2021. Kathryn joined Transgender Victoria's training team in 2014.

Kathryn’s passion is ensuring that people are supported to be the best they can be. This passion informs their work, including the upskilling allies and professionals to support people who are LGBTIQA+ and trans or gender diverse.

Andrew Eklund
Corrections Specialist

Andrew is a man assigned female at birth. He is Mother to his adult autistic son Tom. Andrew is a qualified trainer with a Communications Degree and enjoys putting this to good use in his training role with TGV.

Andrew's passions are the welfare of trans and gender diverse prisoners and the dedicated staff who look after them. He also values opportunities in partnering with service providers to remove systemic disadvantages. Andrew is a co-founder of The Shed, a support group for transmasculine people, started in 2013.  He believes trans and gender diverse people are awesome and can offer unique insight into the gender assumptions governing our world.