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TGV is Victoria’s leading body for trans and gender diverse advocacy. We work to achieve justice, equity and inclusive service provision for trans and gender diverse people, their partners, families and friends.

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  • Remembering Penny Whetton
    Tuesday, 17 September 2019
    The Trans and gender diverse community is mourning the loss of one of its eminent members Dr Penny Whetton - a scientist, climate…
  • We're hiring!
    Friday, 06 September 2019
    Transgender Victoria (TGV) is pleased to announce applications are now open for two positions for the Trans and Gender Diverse (TGD) Peer Support…
  • Birth Certificate Reform Passed!
    Wednesday, 04 September 2019
    We're thrilled to announce that Birth Certificate Reform has passed in Victoria!This is a huge step forward in fairer access to accurate documentation,…