What We Do


Transgender Victoria is led for trans people, by trans people. We use our community driven expertise to consult with researchers, organisations and government committees to deliver better services, outcomes, and legal rights for trans and gender diverse people.


TGV partners with service providers to ensure they are TGD friendly. We also partner with other organisation to provide direct services and support trans- and gender-diverse initiatives. We welcome contact from prospective partners.


TGV promotes an understanding of TGD issues in the broader community through relationships with LGBTI, independent and mainstream media outlets. TGV liaises regularly with media to voice the TGD community's perspective on range of issues.


TGV refers individuals seeking support on a range of issues (health, law, housing, finance, workplace etc) to relevant services. If you need a referral for trans- or gender-diverse-related services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


TGV provides education on LGBTI and TGD issues for workplaces, service-providers, in government, community and private sectors.

Addressing Discrimination

We recognise that TGD people can experience discrimination in a range of areas and at different times in their lives. TGV is experienced in tackling these problems and can provide support, information and referrals for TGD people to assist in navigating difficulties.


We deliver industry leading training on LGBTI and trans and gender diverse inclusion and service provision.

Our experienced trainers can equip your organisation, business, or service with the skills to better support the needs of trans and gender diverse people.