Gender Diverse Advocacy Election Hub

Federal Election 2022

Ahead of the upcoming federal election, Transgender Victoria (TGV) on behalf of its members, the trans and gender diverse (TGD) community, has produced this election hub with resources and information on a range of issues relevant to TGD Australians and by inference LGBTIQ+ Australians.

Election Advocacy Booklet

TGV has developed an election booklet on a range of key issues relevant to trans and gender diverse Australians.

This booklet also contains issues which are of relevance to all LGBTIQ+ Australians because within all the categories of that group there are significant numbers of individuals who identify as trans and gender diverse.

Although TGV’s mission is chiefly to improve the lives and well-being of trans and gender diverse (TGD) Victorians, this document refers to all TGD Australians as the issues raised are relevant across Australia.
TGD 2022 Election BOOKLET

We reached out to politcal parties about 11 key priorities that impact trans and gender diverse Australians this election. Here are their responses:

Links to official party policies in relation to these matters are available as follows

Greens -

Liberal - Not Yet Provided

Labor - Not Available Online

We’ll continue sharing updates to these as we receive more responses over coming weeks.

We do not endorse or seek to promote any specific party or candidate, and share this information only as has been provided to us and for the benefit of our community.

Representing Our Community

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resources for sharing

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