Job Application Guide
This resource was developed as a tool to simplify job applications. While it follows the assumption that you would be searching for job ads regularly, it is important to note that a large proportion of jobs are never advertised. It is also common that an opportunity may be created when the right person is in the right place at the right time.
Any effort that you can make toward networking will significantly benefit your career outcomes.

Unemployment in Australia is disproportionately high for trans and gender diverse people, with trans women being most negatively impacted.

Employment is not a standalone phenomenon,it intersects with gender, class, race, and innumer- able other forces in society.

There simply aren’t enough jobs for every person who is looking for a job, either.

Many employment problems are institutional. It is tough, and it is not your fault. However what you can control is the quality of your own process of job-searching.

Our community is magical, and we all have a lot to offer to a world that has never needed our work more than it does now.

To deny your power is to inhibit a spectrum of possibilities from existing in the world.

We invite you to commit to the process gently and authentically.

Trans and Gender Diverse Peer Support Project