Trans and Gender Diverse Peer Support Project

supporting growth and sustainability of trans and gender diverse peer support across victoria. supported by the victorian government.

about the program

The peer-support program started with an aspiration:

All TGD people in Victoria feel a sense of belonging and safety in their communities and participate fully as valued members of society.

From this inspiration we developed tangible goals - how can we feel brave, connected and ready to lead?


We support small and larger scale sustainable peer-support programs, developed by, for and with TGD people


We offer customised workshops, skills development & support for TGD people who are, in turn, wanting to support their peers
We're offering a variety of formal and informal training qualifications and opportunities in Community Leadership, Mental Health, Arts Practice, Employment Help and other skills. All training is designed to strengthen our communities, connect you with your peers, and increase your skill set and knowledge base.


We coordinate events online and in person to help TGD people connect and feel brave when journeying outside their comfort zones
TransForum 2021 Archive


Our overview of the key events, funding opportunities, workshops, and more happening across Victoria in trans and gender diverse peer support.
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